The Suburban Chicken

by grosreis

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These days there are chickens growing up in the Suburbs and even in the Big City as well. If the cost of eggs has burst your bubble then perhaps you should considered getting yourself a Chicken Coop and raising your own.

Considering how adorable some of these Chicken Coops are, it almost makes me want one.

Reasons to Raise backyard chickens:

#1 They taste better

#2 They are healthier

#3 Insect Control

There are lots of reasons to have your own chickens but go read about more benefits here in this great article by Robin Ripley.

Before you run off to get some chics you need to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. For example, who will take care of your Chickens when you are in Europe for two weeks or floating down the river in San Marcos for the weekend? I would recommend reading the F.A.Q. on first.

Also, you want to make sure that it is legal to have a Chickens in your backyard. Afterall, you do not want to end up on COPS just because you have some Chics in your backyard. have provide a wonderful tool here that will help you quickly and easily figure that out.

As for me and my family we will just stick with the two dogs that we love to hate and the bird who loves to scream. However, if you do find yourself with too many Suburban Chicken Eggs, please do not hesitate to send some our way. We are big fans.

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Jimbeau August 16, 2011 at 11:15 pm

We have (my wife has) a half-dozen or so chickens in our yard. One is a rooster, which makes him an illegal chicken in Dallas. He has also taken to chasing our youngest granddaughter whenever she comes over (daily), so his days are numbered. Fried, baked, or stewed is the only question. Having eggs from our own yard is nice, but it means that my lady wife has to go out at dawn to find them. She likes this, though, and you can’t get a fresher egg than one just stolen from under the chicken!


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